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Welcome to the Official Website of the University Hills Civic Association

We represent the approximately 220 households in this charming, older community just a quarter mile from the south gates of LSU, close to downtown Baton Rouge and the beautiful University Lakes.  If you like what we do, please consider becoming a member.  Your $45 yearly membership will allow us to continue serving you in the ways detailed below.

Beautify our Neutral Ground

Seasonal plantings and regular lawn mowing and irrigation keep our median looking fresh and cared for.


Too many residents?

To learn more, click on the image.

Maintain What We Value

When a motorist damaged our original entry lantern, we found and installed a replacement.


We discourage illegal parking.


Represent you at meetings of FGBRCA

Check out the valuable work of the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations.

protect our a1 zoning

We monitor and report to the city all significant zoning violations we see or that are reported to us.


We see to it that vacant property is maintained.


develop and maintain the association website

Our website is our chief means of sharing helpful information with our neighbors.  It offers the quickest way for you to connect with the Association. Share your concerns and ideas.  Let us know what the Association can do for you.  Best of all, get involved yourself.  Join us!





moderate nextdoor university hills website

On this private online network, neighbors share community concerns, offer recommendations, services, crime reports, news of lost pets, etc.

Ask us for an invitation to join!