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Current Officers, Board Members, and Committees

This is an updated list, as of Summer, 2019

President: Bob Skapura 2019-20
Vice President: Rick Weil 2019-20
Treasurer: Elisabeth Spanhoff 2019-21
Secretary: Linda Tucker 2019-21

Art Adams 2019-21
Dan Andrews 2019-20
Helen Pederson 2019-2020
Sarah Myers 2019-2021
Andy Smith 2019-2021

Landscape: Bill Gallegos, chair
Nominating: Bob Skapura, chair
Social: Sarah Meyers, chair
Web: Elisabeth Spanhoff, chair
Zoning: Rick Weil, chair


If you wish to communicate with the Board, you can send a private message to an individual member through Nexdoor or write to us, using the Contact form on this website.  We will make sure your message is delivered to the right person.